Hardware Installations:

Memory Install or replace existing RAM.
Modems Install, configure, and test modem.
Backup Device Install CD/DVD burner, tape drive, or external hard drive. includes software installation and testing of drive.
Hard Drive Install, configure and format hard drives.
Custom Configurations Installation of Sound/Video cards, PC cards, network cards, and CD/DVD drives.

Software Upgrades:

Operating Systems Windows 7 , 8 or 10  Install and configure Windows.
Other Software Installation of any software

Technical Help:

Diagnostic Find problems and possible causes for instability and performance issues.
Data Transfer Make a complete copy of one drive to another, copy data from one computer to another, or copy specific files from system to system, or drive to drive.
PC Assistance Fixing software configuration issues, peripheral issues (digital cameras, scanners, etc.) General instruction, i.e. Showing how to use software or hardware.
PC Tune Up Full System hardware diagnostic, anti-virus scan, Windows maintenance & taskbar clean-up, performance tweaks, and dust cleaning.

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